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Thinking Outside The (Lunch) Box

September. Back to school. One of the most common requests I hear from parents of school age kid...what ELSE can we pack for lunch? Sound familiar? In my house, we usually have a list of "go to" options for the lunch box. Kids can still have some choice, but parents don't have to become short order cooks at 6am....

Now, add in the complication of picky eaters, or kids that don't do meat.

Below are my top twenty-five choices for school lunches that are healthy options and (usually) get a thumbs up:

1. Sunbutter Sandwich on whole wheat with banana and celery sticks

2. Deviled Eggs with triscuits, mandarin orange and cherry tomatoes

3. Hummus with Pita Chips with sweet mini peppers and apple slices

4. Veggie Burger on whole grain bun with olives and grapes

5. Chicken & Rice soup with oyster crackers and grapefruit

6. Caesar Salad with croutons (on the side), hard boiled egg and strawberries

7. Black beans & Rice with side of salsa and applesauce

8. Broccoli and Pasta with a side of cherries

9. Rice bowl with salsa, avocado and edamame and side of blackberries

10. Salsa, Guacamole, Food Should Taste Good chips and pineapple

11. Peanut butter with sliced Granny Smith apple and Van's crackers

12. Hummus in a pita with cucumbers & mini pepper slices and apple

13. Chicken Chili in a thermos with cornbread and nectarine

14. Cheese quesadilla with (or without refried beans) and watermelon

15. Orzo pasta salad with feta cheese diced peppers & Greek dressing & craisins

16. Ham & Cheese rolled up with lettuce leaf and dried fruit mix

17. Chicken Salad with chopped apple & craisins and Wheat Thin crackers

18. Greek yogurt with Bear Naked granola and pineapple chunks

19. Tuna salad wrap with carrot sticks and blueberries

20. Dolmades with tzatziki with pita chips and orange sections

21. Cottage cheese with peaches, Kashi trail mix granola bar and cucumber slices

22. Cheddar cheese and whole wheat pretzels with grapes and olives

23. Almond butter with rice cakes and honeydew melon

24. Oat Banana Muffins with apple slices and grape tomatoes

25. Laughing cow cheese wedges with Crunchmaster crackers and peaches

When all else fails, order the school lunch!

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