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SustainABLE Change

There's nothing intimidating about this kind of change… we’ve seen it our whole lives, we’ve got some in our wallet or purse jingling around. But today let’s chat about another kind of change, one that may cause a little feeling of unease at times.... Regardless of your fitness level, health, weight and nutrition habits, most of us want to change something about our health and wellness for the BETTER! Perhaps your stress level could rock the Richter scale. Maybe you feel out of control around food. Maybe your energy levels could use a lift, or you are sleep deprived. Agree?? We’ve all been there. What is the secret to making permanent change for the better? Let’s break it down. 1. Get CLEAR on your DOABLE goal(s). Be specific, what do you really want? Write it down, draw it, dream it, vision it. Disclaimer: must be realistic. Eight hours of sleep each night will not be realistic with a newborn baby 👶

2. Get CLEAR on your WHY. What is the reason you want to create this new habit or develop this new skill? What is your personal NEED that will be satisfied? Tap into your personal motivation- is it your health? Your kids? What is your WHY?

3. Identify the BARRIERS. What specifically could keep you from reaching this goal? Think of all possible scenarios that could arise. Block them before they block you!

4. STRATEGY. Often times we jump right into the strategy without doing the other steps first. Example: Joe Shmoe lost 10 pounds on the (insert name of latest diet fad)! I think 🤔

I will start that Monday morning....This is a recipe for failure. Which often translates to “I AM a failure”. Wrong!! You are not a failure. The diet culture is an epic failure.

5. Accountability PARTNER. Who can help to keep you focused and achieving those goals? Who can hold you accountable for staying on point & cheer you on when you reach those goals? #TheWellNourishedLife

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